Thermal Insulation Blankets

Hot exhaust pipes cause field fires. Many harvesters of wheat, corn, soy and cotton have protected their equipment and harvest with ATP Insulation. The equipment manufacturers endorse the use of this Insulating System.

Locomotive builders require thermal protection for their electrical systems. ATP Blankets reduce temperatures by as much as 80% in these critical areas.

Naval and Coast Guard vessels are fully insulated. Heat containment in the exhaust system provides greatly reduced engine room temperatures and personnel protection.

Over the Road. A diesel engine operates more efficiently on heat. An insulated exhaust system on a truck provides increased power, reduces turbo lag and improves performance.

The engine shown is a Caterpillar 3176 with Insulation shown as installed in many luxury Coaches.

Buses, Buses and Buses. Charter, Transit and Luxury Motor Coaches. ATP provides the industry with Insulation Kits for these applications.

The engines shown on page 1 are part of the huge system which provides complete electrical, heating and air conditioning for the Federal Express Terminal in Memphis, Tennessee. ATP was selected to supply this installation because of experience and reputation.   You can rely on ATP to provide quality. Since it is not possible to show our more than 20 years of experience within these couple of pages, we are showing a few examples of the many installations in which ATP has been involved.

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